Single You

Sis, I can help you discover your worth. You’re worthy regardless of your relationship status. Having a man doesn’t determine that.

Wondering Why You Keep Falling For Men “Like That” ??

Let me guess: you’ve dated a controlling narcissistic guy. You ignored the lies and red flags in that relationship.

No. Judgement.

But now you’re finally opening your eyes and saying ...“enough is enough”.

You want to learn how to...
👉🏽 become comfortable on your own?
👉🏽 let go of the idea that you need someone?

And you’re tired of tying yourself (identity) to a man?

You’re feeling discarded and you want to know that what you were getting from men was not because you deserved it.

I know you’re sick of being devalued like you’re nothing but a stepping stone for men.

👉🏽 You just don’t know where to start when it comes to being single and happy.

I’m here to help you start. How about we get on a zoom call? All you have to do is schedule it.

Hear From "Single You" Clients


I wanted to let you know that this workshop has been such an amazing guide to building my self-awareness. I have seen growth in my life that I have been striving for and was just having trouble finding the right vessel to help me to gain that growth.
Richland, WA
I think you are a great life coach Reka. I think you’re doing great. You bring a lot to the table questions and topics that open our eyes… that people never talked about before. I think relationships don’t work out because we didn’t know a lot of this stuff. Thank you!
Kennewick, WA
I was completely lost and listening to you has really helped. It’s sad when family and friends don’t understand our support because you choose to focus on yourself, career, your dreams and desires and your happiness. Thanks for teaching us young ladies to value ourselves and to respect ourselves. And that we deserve better!
I would highly recommend "Single You" to others. We discuss things every woman knows but has "beer goggles" on when it comes to those relationships. Like you said just because society says you need to get married doesn't mean you have to or even settle. Get married when you know you've found your other half even if that means you wait until you're 65."
Walla Wall, WA
I have shifted to having better people around me. I see now that it’s better have people around who care about you the same way I care about them. I think I am building the right people around me now. But I was not in the past. It was sooo much easier to be alone. But that was it. It was easy. It wasn’t good or helpful or enjoyable. It was “I shut everyone out so I didn’t get hurt”. The conversations and the book we’re reading has helped me with that.
I low-key like that you are a God believer because I'm glad I'm getting some good Intel and not just “go out and party and drink girl”. You’re like “no no no simmer and focus.”
Tri Cities, WA

Ps. Even if You Have a Boyfriend, You're Single. So, Yes You Can Schedule Our Zoom Call.

How To Get Over Him

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