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Yes, I Want to Join “Single You”

Can I join “Single You” if I have a boyfriend?


Will you coach me if I’m married?

I’d love to get on a zoom call and discuss how I can be of service to you. 

Will you coach me if I’m a man?

You will not be able to join my membership program. However I’d love to get on a zoom call and discuss how I can be of service to you. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

The membership, yes. However you will lose access to all of the videos. This is explained in detail in the “Single You” portal. See “terms & conditions”.

As for: One-on-One coaching that will be detailed in your individual contract. 


Send your questions to Reka via [email protected]

Hey Reka, I would like to pick your brain about a few things.

I’m not sure how much you charge for courses; honestly, I am not sure if I need a course because I like being single, but I have some issues I cannot see outside of.

I have noticed lately that I roll my eyes at every love story, love song and talk of finding someone. I am aware this is a defense mechanism, as a result from trauma. But I don’t want to live or feel this way and I don’t have the resources to “shake it off”.

Maybe I am missing something. I don’t want to portray love in a negative light for my daughter, I do my best. But I am afraid I am failing to equip her appropriately. I would like to gain your insight please. I’ve been struggling with this, as well as a few more things, for a few years now.

What services are you offering that might help me?

Reka: My answer, the short answer is you can say “I’m happy being single” and not actually mean it. I suggest you ask yourself, I’m a really happy with my current life situation or am I just putting on a front?

Even if your answer is no “I’m not happy being single”, that’s OK! I’d rather you admit not being happily single than say you’re happy just to save face. 

I get it society already pities us and you don’t want to do that to yourself. However let me offer you the idea that there is a space, where you can be a little sad about a situation you can’t control but live a happy life. We’re human and I don’t know if there is a human alive who is 100% happy. It also depends on how you define happiness, joy, and peace. 

There are things in my life that I’m not ‘happy’ about but I choose to live with joy and my life is so peaceful now. 

What can you focus on that makes you happy? 

There is a lot here that you need to uncover and I’d love to work with you. As you stated “you don’t have the resources,” so allow me to be your resource. Because you’re right, you don’t want to teach your daughter to be afraid of ‘love’ of ‘men’. 

Please schedule a zoom call with me to discuss if a my membership program or my one-on-one coaching would be better for you. 

Ps. Also read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*” by Mark Manson. You may be comparing yourself a lot to ‘those women who are married’ and comparison is the thief of joy!

Hey Reka, I have a question or thought that’s been on my mind, I find myself asking often, what’s worth it? ⁣

So in relationships now a-days we have a list of red flags, which is a good tool. However I feel like we are quick to tell people to leave relationships, to see the red flags and walk away. which I understand completely but we also see a lot of comments about “people don’t stay and work it out anymore.” ⁣

👉🏽So where’s the line between making a relationship last for years. Working through differences and character “flaws” mistakes and such.⁣

See a red flag and don’t waste your time, you deserve better mentality or work through it, how do you know what to walk away from and what to use as growth in your relationship, when do you “stay” instead of walk away? ⁣

I feel like the advice to “leave” is so quick these days, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it?⁣

Reka: My answer, the short answer is there is a HUGE difference between “character flaws” and “abuse”.⁣

That is why I always say “know the signs of abuse” before you ever date again. 

Do you know them? Do you know where YOUR line is? ⁣

These are the conversations that we’re having in “Single You”. What is the difference between a healthy relationship vs an unhealthy relationship? ⁣

Did you ever have those conversations with your parents? ⁣
I’m willing to bet the answer is no. ⁣

So how about you and I have those conversations. I’d love for you to be clear on when you should stay and when you should go. ⁣

How about we talk? How can I be of service to you?⁣
Let’s get on zoom 👉🏽 schedule below. ⬇️

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