Single You

For the ambitious single woman who wants better for herself and wants to elevate when it comes to her self-worth, relationships and dating.

SYA, Online Group Coaching Membership Program. Get On The Wait List. Class is On Demand & Starts February 22, 2021

In this 12 week program;

You will learn how to stop tying your identity and worth to men. You will learn the differences between healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. You will transform from a woman trying to prove her worth to be loved by a man, into a woman who finally knows her worth and knows how to say no. After SYA you will know what you want in a relationship and how to get it.

How To Stop Being a People (man) Pleaser? Ellen Explains How SYA Has Helped Her.

My Abuse Story: Why I Stayed. Can You Relate?

SYA is for you if...

You often enter into relationships trying to cook your way, sex your way, force your way, serve your way, submit your way into a man’s heart to prove your worth…. don’t you? 

All to be chosen by a man who sat back and reaped the benefits of your affections. Are you sick of that?

Oh and how about the emotional heavy-lifting that you do to love men who aren’t capable of loving you back in a healthy way. Aren’t you sick of that too?

You fight to open him up, soften him up, earn his trust, be the mother he never had, show him the loyalty he has never received, overlook the red flags because… well… he has potential.

And in his selfishness and no reciprocity, you’re his therapist, you settle for a mediocre courtship, lackluster sex or even GREAT sex.

However, you still diminish yourself for fear of being labeled as too opinionated, high-maintenance, bougie… or God forbid for you to be single for a whole calendar year or two… gasp!

You carry the burdens of an unhappy relationships for what? Fit a mold? Why do we allow this?

I want YOU to choose to be in a mutually loving, non-controlling, fulfilling, and healthy relationship. One that doesn’t begin with drama and heartache but instead with maturity, patience, kindness, no jealousy, sweetness, and then real love.

So how do you get a relationship like that? Well.. it starts with a relationship with yourself, and if you need help with that, Single You Academy is for you. I understand if you don’t know where to start, that’s what I’m here for.

I’m an NLP Certified Life Coach and I’m ready to help you discover your worth. 

Single You Academy is so good! My momma always told me certain things I went through was abuse. I thought it was my mom —just being a mom --mad that I went through what I went through when in reality NOOOO! It was abuse! There are all different kinds of abuse! & until you know the types & they’re meanings you won’t be able to catch the signs. So so thankful for the things I’ve been learning in SYA!! As I’m going through the curriculum and the videos — I catch myself being like YESSSS! I WENT THROUGH THAT. & IT MADE ME SUFFER. BECAUSE IT WAS ABUSE.
SYA Member
Reka - You tend to send stuff right on time for me. The Homework and videos you send are always useful for me. I’m learning that many things that were said to me and what I believed about myself aren’t true. I’m working through a lot of shame, and in these last couple of weeks working with you, I feel like I’ve grown so much in my personal growth. I took the time to think about what I was thinking, voicing it, and processing my trauma instead of numbing myself to it. My friends offer moral support, which is excellent, but they don’t have the experience you do to tell me what I need to do. They don’t give me steps— you do. Just even when you asked me (after I told you my goals), “so what are you doing to achieve those goals” — that hit different. Moments like that help the light bulbs go off in my head. Everything that we’ve been doing so far has been really, really good. Really, really good.
SYA Member

What You Get

Module 1: How to Discover Your Worth

  • Lesson 1: Breaking Mental & Emotional Attachments
  • Lesson 2: Trauma Bonding & Narcissism with a Licensed Therapist
  • Lesson 3: How To Love Yourself & Know Your Worth (Part 1 of 4)
  • Lesson 4: How To Love Yourself & Know Your Worth (Part 2 of 4)

Module 2: How To Stop Tying Your Identity To Men (How to Know When to Leave Him)

  • Lesson 1: Can You Help Who You Love? Breaking Down Love with a Licensed Therapist
  • Lesson 2: How To Love Yourself & Know Your Worth (Video 3 of 4)
  • Lesson 3: How To Say NO To Men (Video 4 of 4)
  • Lesson 4: What Married People Mean by Marriage is Hard? 

Module 3: How To Stop Being a People (Man) Pleaser

  • Lesson 1: It’s In Your Boundaries. The Art of Saying No with a Licensed Therapist
  • Lesson 2: Dealing With the F-boy’s Aka: How to Know if He’s Playing You
  • Lesson 3: How to Make a Guy Wait for Sex!
  • Lesson 4: What Married People Mean by Relationships Are Hard? (Male Perspective)

So, since joining SYA, I’ve been making a lot of life changes. I’ve paid off my car, raised my credit score 51 points, I’ve even been able to keep at least $300 in my bank account between paychecks.  I started an online business last July and had let it lay dormant. While reading our new book, I decided to put some energy into my website, revamp it and promote. Now, I’ve been invited to book my very first vendor event!  This group has changed my life. I felt like I had no one to share my joy with, then I said, hey! I have my SYA family!
SYA Member
I am going to tell other women about SYA. I think there are lots of women out there who have been in crappy relationships or have been played that could use a platform of other women that understands where they’re coming from. She could learn about the red flags and/or that it's ok to be single and not jump into just any relationship(s). Building relationships and/or friendships with other single women is important, so you can bond and they get you.
SYA Member

Why Sarah Joined Single You Academy & What She Learned