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The Happily Single Inspo Box!


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“You are worthy regardless of your relationship status”.

– Reka Robinson


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What is the: The Happily Single Inspo Box? (Watch This Video)

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It’s a box I filled with inspiration for you.

  • Included in the “Inspo box” the “Happily Single” mug and crown.
  • Affirmation cards to remind you of who you are.
  • “To do” notepad with pen.
  • Framed “Rules” on what to do about ‘that’ guy, so you can put it on your nightstand!
  • “How to plan and execute your goals” workbook with e-book and video.* 
    • Workbook and video include: 
      • 5 questions you need to ask yourself, 
        • 6 things you’ll need and 3 books every single woman should read.*

The e-book is downloadable. The e-book and the video will be emailed to you immediately!

*Books not physically included.

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