Single You 1:1 Coaching

By the end of this program you will have the tools to:

  • Hold yourself accountable.


  • Spot red flags sooner rather than later.


  • Stop believing in potential.


  • Know how to set and keep boundaries.


  • Know why a dysfunctional relationship has been a constant theme in your dating life.


  • Stop settling.


  • Feel happy single and mean it.


    Girl you will walk away from me with a great routine for continued growth.

Enroll in Single You Academy; the VIP 1:1 Coaching Relationship Today..

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Which means you’ll pay $3500 for the 12 week program.


Inside of Single You Academy; the VIP 1:1 Coaching Relationship

You’ll get the Group Coaching experience: A $4700 Value.

As well as the following:

A $5,555 Value.

Only 3 spots Available due to the intensity of this coaching relationship

When you add all that up that’s a total value of $10,255 but because I truly want to work with you 1:1, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in Single You Academy’s VIP 1:1 coaching program TODAY at this special price of just…

Enroll in Single You Academy; the VIP 1:1 Coaching Relationship Today


Plus You’ll be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront.  Single You Academy is the only online course and community for the ambitious millennial single woman who wants better when it comes to the quality of her single life and the quality of man she dates. Single You Academy gives you a step-by-step implementation program that will help you discover your worth so that you can stop tying your worth and identify to men. 

My program is filled with helpful tips on how to set boundaries, discover who you are and the blueprint to what makes a healthy relationship vs. unhealthy relationship. SYA is one of a kind and is a place you can go to in order to learn how to love yourself and how ‘to be in love’. My program is a do-with process not a do-to process. 

Now here’s the kicker. By then end of these 14 days, you’ll have received access to; 2 live zooms with me (Reka), 2 weeks of homework to aid in your growth and access to 2 weeks of Marco Polo and Blinkist support. As well as access to these 2 lesson in group:

Module 1:
  • Breaking Mental & Emotional Attachments
  • Trauma Bonding, Narcissism and What it Means

Meaning you’ll have had the opportunity to break down who you are and how to love yourself properly. 

If you feel like you won’t be on the journey to learning something new about you and discovering your worth please reach out to me via [email protected] and show me your work via the journaling and homework assigned and I’ll refund your investment. 

Reka is my cousin but our relationship isn’t like a normal family one. I went through an emotional, traumatic break up last year that nearly broke me.
Although she’s my family I went to her for help and instruction on how to get through the depression and hardships I was feeling at the time.

FAQs and Concerns

I’m worried about my finances. 

I want you to see this as making an invest in yourself. How else will you change if you don’t invest in your growth? With that said, I know making a decision about investing in yourself is hard and I totally understand. So can I tell you a story about how I overcame that through my $10k boyfriend?  I made you this video.


Enroll in Single You Academy; the VIP 1:1 Coaching Relationship Today


Still “thinking about it” ?

You should give Single You Academy a 14 day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by one of the following questions:


Question 1: What is it costing you to not work on yourself? 

  • To never learn what a healthy relationship is?⁣
  • To hold onto all that pain from previous relationships?⁣
  • To continue to be in dysfunctional relationships?⁣⁣

Joy, Peace⁣, Real love, Money⁣, Happiness ⁣, A Healthy Relationship with yourself? What? ⁣

Question 2: How have you been navigating dating?

(A) Stumbling through. (B) With strategy and intention.

I’m willing to bet you’re stumbling through -taking stabs in the dark. No judgment. I was you. I’ve had an abusive boyfriend and a boyfriend that took $10k from me. Seriously, you’ll get more details of how I overcame both of those situations inside of Single You Academy. I’m on a mission to be a light for Single Women like you. One of the reasons you haven’t been able to have a decent relationship with men is because – who had the conversations with you about a healthy relationship vs. an unhealthy relationship? I’m willing to bet = no one. And since I know you’re sick of the revolving door of dysfunctional relationships and you’re sick of not knowing who you are, I know that you need these types of conversations and workshops. Truthfully it doesn’t have to be with me, but how will you learn how to stop stumbling through your single season and dating? I know I’m ready to welcome you into SYA with open arms. I’m just waiting on you, sis.

Trust yourself – you’re ready or you wouldn’t be here, I know you want your life back, you’re lost and you had no idea where to start, until now. Start with me, inside of Single You Academy. Let me help you adjust your crown and change your whole life. 

This is the best offer you’ll ever get for Single You Academy. The Price will go up and doors close on February 18, 2021 @ 11:59p PST.  What are you waiting for sis? If not now, when? I got you – if you got you. 

I have experienced first hand what it’s like to tie my identity to a man and to feel like there is something wrong with me because I’m single.

Single You Academy comes from my personal experience when it comes to dating. I was in the revolving door of dysfunctional relationships. 

In 2017 my abusive ex of 2 years finally broke up with me. I say finally because I had been waiting to do it. I knew that I needed to do it. I knew that he wasn’t the man for me the first week into our relationship, but I thought I was tripping. I pushed red flags aside because I didn’t know what red flags were, and I thought when you ‘like’ someone, you can just make it work. 

That whole relationship, I was praying to God because I didn’t know how to get out, and at that moment, I wasn’t strong enough. I wasn’t woman enough to stand up for myself and walk away. I simply didn’t know-how. 

So whether your story sounds like mine or you haven’t dated in a very long time, you just want to learn how to date with intention. You want to discover who you are. I got you – if you got you.

Single You Academy holds all the tools I’ve been learning since 2017 to discover who I am, my worth, and this is how I stopped tying my identity to men. Now I know that singleness is not a punishment, I’m worthy regardless of my relationship status, and I’m maximizing my single season. 

I’m excited to help you along your journey! 

Love & Wisdom, Reka

Enroll in Single You Academy; the VIP 1:1 Coaching Relationship Today